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Each year our signature event takes place in the later part of the summer. The event, called Road To Recovery, covers roughly 2km for each Military, Police, Paramedic and Firefighter lost the year before. Typically this results in around 150 to 160km. It is our hope that one day this event will be a short trek. Yet, every day these professions put themselves at risk for us and sometimes they don't come home, so we honor them in this way. The event itself moves around, the first year (2013) was the longest, as it honored every military member we lost in the Global War on Terror. The route was from Hamilton, ON to Parry Sound, ON traversing over 300km carrying bricks engraved with the names of the fallen.

Each year since, we've continued the tradition of doing a ruck march to honor the fallen of the year before. This is not simply a feel good exercise, we also use the event to reduce the hardship that some of our military and, police veterans face. During the months leading up to the event we raise money for Operation: Leave The Streets Behind, a charity maintained by the Royal Canadian Legion. Operation: Leave The Streets Behind helps military and, police veterans facing homelessness to get back on to their feet. In 2016 alone this program helped to get 74 different veterans off the streets, into permanent sustainable housing. We are looking forward to even greater success this year!

The Story


Canada's 150th

This year we're doing things a little differently. In recognition of Canada's 150th birthday we are beginning our Ruck at the Petawawa Legion (Br. 517) outside one of Canada's iconic military bases Garrison Petawawa and heading south, to conclude our march after 4 days just outside the Nation’s capital at the Kanata Legion (Br. 638).


Once again we will be raising funds for Operation: Leave The Streets Behind. Helping them off the streets and into sustainable housing they can maintain on their own. It helps them get their finances sorted out, and equips them to succeed. The charity is managed by the Royal Canadian Legion and 100% of the proceeds of this event go towards the veterans. Between our volunteers, sponsors and the local branches of the Legion we're able to run the event with no overhead.

The Route (150km):

A few things help inform our route each year, this year we had a target distance 150km minimum in recognition of Canada's birthday. We also aim to traverse between Legion halls as the local Branch's host us each night. Finally, we wanted to do the event in the Ottawa area this year, again, given the significance of the Nation's birthday. Below is our route for each day.


Day 1 - 48km (September 14th):

We expect to rally at the Petawawa Legion for 0800h and step-off by 0900h, we will cover 48km before reaching our end point (Br. 550) at 2000h



Day2- 27km (September 15th):

1000h step off from Branch 550 and cover a much shorter 30km as we make our way south east to Branch 148 in Renfrew. Our intended arrival time would be 1700h at branch 148.



Day 3- 33km (September 16th):

We step off at 0900h again and cover another 30km as we head east aiming to arrive at Branch 178 in Arnprior by 1600h with plenty of time sleep and rest before the final leg of the trek.



Day 4- 43km (September 17th):

We step off from Arnprior at 0700h and aim to be in Kanata at Br.638 by 1700h of the Sunday, having covered another 43km on the last day.


Ruck 2 Remember is a not for profit organization that works with established charities to help raise funds, resources and awareness around veterans issues.

OPERATION: Leave The Streets Behind

Where Does The Money Go?

Team R2R retains none of the proceeds that they raise during this event, so where do all the funds go that we raise for "Road To Recovery"? They all go towards Operation: Leave The Streets Behind, a charity managed by the Royal Canadian Legion that is dedicated to ending veteran homelessness. In 2016 the program assisted:


•72 Veterans in Ontario

•45 Veterans in Hamilton

•7 Veterans in St. Catharines

•7 Veterans in Mississauga


Just to name a few, and 496 Veterans since the program started.




Are you a military, police, fire or paramedic supporter? We'd love to have you out. We're always looking for volunteers in the following areas, if you're interested just email us at admin.ruck2@remember.com:


The total distance we cover is 150-165km over 4days, we do this under weight carrying rucks that weigh 40-60lbs. The expectation is that you carry everything you will need for the 4days including sleeping roll, food during the day, and water. The Legion will provide lodging at night and often meals.  We will be resupplied with water if needed. Generally speaking those wishing to volunteer as a ruck marcher will come out on some 40km rucks with the team before the event unless they've previously completed similar events (Nijmigen etc.)


The first year we did this event we covered over 300km, during that ruck one of our members suffered level 3 stress fractures up his shin and had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily we had chase drivers following us to assist. Chase drivers will spend the day on the road with us, leap frogging the ruckers 5km increments helping keep us supplied and safe. In the event of rain they may be called on to drive behind us to ensure other drivers see us. They are a critical part of the road team.


All the work, planning and organizing that goes into the annual ruck would be for nothing but for our generous donors. As much as we enjoy hauling weight under the summer sun across stretches of Canadian road, the point and purpose of Road to Recovery is to raise funds and awareness for Veterans that are facing or dealing with homelessness right now.


Do you support Veterans? Think we need to do more to take care of them when they come home? Us too! There's a couple ways to financially support this event, and remember any donation over $20 is tax deductible and all proceeds (yes, 100%) goes to Operation Leave the Streets Behind.


If you own a company, no matter how big or small and would like to support the cause you can! Sponsorships are $500 or equivalent value in the case of donating equipment and earn you mentions throughout the year on our social media, a permanent place on our website as a sponsor and of course our thanks. Email us at admin@ruck2remember.com for details.



If you're an individual and would like to support the cause you can donate below! Either to the cause in general or in support of a specific Ruck Marcher. All donations in excess of $20 are tax deductible and 100% of the proceeds goto "Operation: Leave the Streets Behind"


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